Our story begin in Europe during the Middle Ages.

The church dispatches Jack, a soldier in the Knights Templar, to capture a witch living in the forest. Jack ends up falling in love with the witch. but has sworn his loyalty to the church. He betrays her. As revenge, the witch turns Jack into a tree.


Jack can no longer see, hear or speak. With the body of a tree and the mind of a human, Jack has nothing but his own thoughts and regrets to haunt him for eternity.


Or so it seems at first. Years pass. He learns to keep track of time through the seasons. He learns to communicate using the secret language of the forest. He gains wisdom and power over his own mind.  To aid in the struggle between  between humans and the forest, he grows into the ancient spirit of nature known only as the Green Man.


This is the story of our past, our present and our future, as told by the Green Man.


What is the Green Man?

What is Green Man?

The Green Man is an image of a man with leaves covering his face. It is an image that has appeared in sculptures, statues and artwork since ancient times in many different cultures. Historians have debated his significance for years, as his true origin is a mystery.

Many in Europe, believe that the Green Man began as a pagan pre-Christian god or spirit from an animistic religion. He is thought of as a protector of forest, and is often treated as a symbol of environmental protection.

In the 19th century, the Green Man become a very popular motif in architecture. Today, there are many pubs and festivals named after him.

To this day, none have uncovered the true story of the Green Man.


Tama Shinya (Pocaskajan) performs the narration and songs in the show. He brilliantly performs nine different characters, including the main character, the Green Man. The show's original score was composed by Canadian musician Elliott Loran. The songs in the show are performed with live guitar and singing by Tama Shinya.


Shinya Tama(WAHAHA Hompo)

ポカスカジャン Vo/AgとしてCMソング「ガリガリ君」他、多数作品あり。
音楽ユニットTHE 肯定's、THE TWISTARS 等、活動は多岐に渡る。

Comments from audiences








「今見るべき物語かなと思いました。私が思っている影絵はもう少し平面のイメージでしたが、あらゆる方向から来るというか、平面だけどすごく空間を感じて新しい世界でした。Non stopで進んでいく語りべとのやりとりに、あ 泣く と感じる間もなく涙がきました。」(40代)


「奥ぶかく、ものごとはシンプルであることがいつも忘れてしまう。心かなしく あらわれる作品でした」(40代)